答え:.git/configの[remote "origin"]の項目に「pushurl = 」を追加する。

[remote "origin"]
	fetch = +refs/heads/*:refs/remotes/origin/*
	url = /home/ksakamot/git/test.git
        pushurl =





The name of one of the following can be used instead of a URL as argument:

a remote in the git configuration file: $GIT_DIR/config,


All of these also allow you to omit the refspec from the command line because they each contain a refspec which git will use by default.

Named remote in configuration file
You can choose to provide the name of a remote which you had previously configured using git-remote(1), git-config(1) or even by a manual edit to the $GIT_DIR/config file. The URL of this remote will be used to access the repository. The refspec of this remote will be used by default when you do not provide a refspec on the command line. The entry in the config file would appear like this:

        [remote ""]
                url = 
                pushurl = 
                push = 
                fetch = 

The is used for pushes only. It is optional and defaults to .

git-push(1) Manual Page